Top 15 Honeymoon places in Darjeeling for couples

Getting Hitched? I’m sure you must have ensured everything to be perfect, a dreamlike, and an ideal wedding. Have you thought about the honeymoon yet? If not then don’t fret! If you have thought about Darjeeling Hill stations, then here’s the list of major places that offers the perfect ambiance for the couples for flawless honeymoon experience. The honeymoon has to be special as it marks the new beginning of a journey as a married couple.

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How to reach Darjeeling? Depending upon the distance and location Darjeeling can be accessed by three mediums-

By Air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra- a cab will drive you from the airport to Darjeeling.

By Train: The nearest railway station is NJP- You can book vehicles for getting to Darjeeling.

By Road: Siliguri is the en route to Darjeeling, thus you can obtain vehicles or car rentals to reach Darjeeling. Being a Hill station, Darjeeling is best accessed via road trip. The major sightseeing destinations and the offbeat places in Darjeeling are accessed via road trips or via trekking.

1. Sandakphu-Singalila Trek: Trekker’s wonderland-

Sandakphu SingalilaTrek

Located at an altitude of 11,929ft in North West of Darjeeling hill town, this the highest range in the state of West Bengal, India. It is a dream destination for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and those on a quest for aesthetic natural charm.

Major attractions:

5 highest peaks of the world including Mt. Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Lhotse, along with Three Sisters and many other peaks of Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan in one single stretch of snow. The forest of flowering rhododendrons, giant magnolias, spruce, and 600 varieties of amazing orchids.

2.  Takdah: The tranquil land of mists-


Takdah is a treasure chest with misty meandering roads, nature trails, and chirping of the birds amid dense forests, sound and sight of milky streams plummeting down the mountains. it’s a serene mountain hamlet that provides the much-needed solitude and serenity from the hassles of the cities.

Major attractions: 

The finest tea gardens of Darjeeling such as Rungli Rungliot, Gielle, Namring, Jinglam, Poomong, and Teesta Valley estate is located in Takdah, Orchid Centre, Heritage Bunglows, etc.

3. Tinchuley: Serene Himalayan Hamlet-


Standing tall at an altitude of 5,800 ft, Tinchuley is a small mountain village just 3km above Takdah. Tinchuley means “three ovens” because the village is enclosed by 3 prominent hilltops. If you seek peace and seclusion, then this place is worth packing your bags for. As couples, this place will provide the much needed rest and solitude in the lap of nature.

Major attraction:

Orange Orchards, Tinchuley Monastery, Tea Gardens, tranquil and small villages,  etc.

4. Sillery Gaon: The pristine and uncluttered natural allure-

Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon is a mesmerizing Himalayan hamlet that breathes in tranquility. It is an outstanding destination and is located far from the boisterous cities. It is an excellent destination for wanderlust, photography enthusiasts, road warriors, peace seekers, and to those who are on a quest to be one with nature.

Major attraction:

Ramitey Dara, Damsang Fort, Sanghen Dorjee Monastery, Cross Hill, Cinchona Plantation, Aritar Lake, tranquil Villages, etc.

5. Srikhola: Scenic village and en route to Sandakphu Trek-


Srikhola is a serene Himalayan village that is concealed by the tranquil ambiance. It is the paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. Srikhola provides the much-needed seclusion. Besides, the trekkers prefer a halt at Srikhola as it is the en route to the Sandakphu-Singalila Trek. The place provides the much-preferred rest from the tiring journey after the exasperating journey.

Major attraction:

Srikhola (river), Rhododendron forest, Large Cardamom Gardens, Srikhola Village, Monastery, Jareao Pokhri (holy lake), Forests of pine, birch, oaks, and the Himalayan wildlife,  etc.

6. Lamahatta: An enchanting hermitage of a Buddhist monk-


Lamahatta means “a monk’s hermitage.” Engulfed in tranquility, Lamahatta is a quaint village located on the way to Darjeeling.  Developing as an eco-tourism destination since 2012, Lamahatta features a well-manicured roadside garden and a vast stretch of evergreen tall pine trees. The place offers a mesmerizing view of the mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, Himalayan flora, etc.

Major attraction:

Roadside Garden, hilltop pond, pine forests, quaint villages, moderate treks and trails amid the tall evergreen pine forests, bird watching, etc.

7. Chatakpur: The serene Himalayan eco-village-


If you are seeking seclusion from the stressful schedules and hectic lifestyle, then embark on a trip to Chatakpur. This quaint Himalayan village is a paradise for peace seekers and nature lovers. It’s a home away from home where you can anticipate the excellent hospitality and services by the locals. It offers a perfect retreat for the honeymooners, adventure, and for seclusion.

Major attraction:

Organic farms- medicinal herbs, mesmerizing view of sunrise, Sandakphu, bird watching, wildlife, and canopy walk, etc.

8. Lepchajagat The abode of the world’s oldest tribes-Lepchas-


Located at a distance of 45 km from Darjeeling, Lepchajagat is a small village amid the wilderness that has a charming world of its own.  Located at an elevation of 6, 956ft, it provides a romantic halt for honeymoon and to those that seek seclusion and to enjoy the beauty of nature. Amid the world of dense pine, oaks, and rhododendrons, the place offers breathtaking vistas of Kanchenjunga Peaks, vales, and the Himalayan allure.

Major attraction:

Ghoom rock (viewpoint), bird watching, dense canopy trails, wildlife, quaint villages inhabited by the oldest tribes in the world, their culture and their way of life, etc.

9.  Petrichor: A unique place to thrive with nature-


Petrichor is the ultimate destination for peace seekers and nature lovers, artists, couples, and wanderlusts.  Located about 3 hours from Darjeeling and 2 hours from (NJP/Bagdogra) Petrichor is- a farm, studio, kitchen, and an artist residency. Petrichor encourages in practicing the sustainable living in an eco- friendly environment in harmony with the local farmers through organic farming, arts, and crafts, etc. it’s a perfect alternative to embrace the solitude and nature with your loved ones.

Major attractions:

Neora Valley National Park (5km), Petrichor Organic Farm, River Chel, Quaint and serene villages, arts and crafts centre, traditional Nepali house,  etc.

10. Latpanchar: Another heaven for nature lovers and birdwatchers- 


Comprising the highest part of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary with an altitude of 4,200 ft, Latpanchar is a tranquil haven that is yet to be a fully developed tourism destination. This peaceful destination offers the eye-catching views of the Kanchenjunga ranges, nature, and the mesmerizing sunrise.  It serves as a perfect escape from the maddening cities, crowds, and offers a much preferred break for newlyweds to unwind.

Major attraction:

Wildlife, Cinchona Plantation, organic farms, Ahal Dara Viewpoint, Namthing Lake, spectacular views of mountain ranges, etc.

11. Chota Mangwa: Mesmerizing eco-friendly village- 

Chota Mangwa

Located at a distance of half an hour drive from Darjeeling, Chota Mangwa is one of the offbeat destinations located in the lap of Himalayas. It is an eco-friendly village that will enchant you with its fascinating nature trails, nature walks, serene ambiance, and friendly people. It’s a perfect destination if you prefer solitude, pure mountain air. Commence your trip, if you love nature photography and seek an exotic experience as newlyweds.

Major attractions:

Quaint Takling Village and monastery, nature walk, orange orchards,  Rungli Rungliot Tea Garden, Lopchu, Bara Mangwa, the sight of meandering Teesta River, etc.

12. Sitong: An Orange Village


Sitong is one of the untouched parts and the treasure trove of the Himalayan foothills which is yet to be discovered. This enchanting village of the Lepcha tribes is well known for the white wild orchids and a vast expanse of orange orchards. Infused in tranquility and secluded from the hassles of the cities, the place is an excellent hideout for the nature lovers, honeymooners, peace seekers, adventurers, etc.

Major attraction:Orange Cultivation and orchards, Sitong Church, Bird watching, Sitong Bridge, etc.

13. Mirik: A charming tiny town amid the hill-


Mirik is one of the fascinating places in Darjeeling district. Situated in the heart of the luxuriant hills, Mirik is a perfect place that maintains the air of tranquility and seclusion. This tiny town is getting a bit more appreciation for its natural allure and pleasant weather throughout the year. It is a perfect place for laid-back travelers, elderly couples, honeymooners, etc.

Major attractions:

Sumendu Lake, Don Bosco Church, Bokar Monastery, Orange Orchards, Tingling Viewpoint,  etc.

14. Darjeeling Tea Garden Stays- The realm of golden beverage-


Tea Tourism is a new and unique concept in the world and Darjeeling is taking a lead in this field. And, why not? Darjeeling is after all the haven of sprawling tea estates producing the internationally famous ‘tea.’ Stay amid the thousands of acres of slopes, high on the hills with misty weather and cool air in Darjeeling, India Honeymoon trip. Spend your precious moments in the exotic British Bunglows and homestays within the luxuriant tea estate.

Major attraction:

Luxuriant tea estates walk- Happy Valley Tea Estate, Sourenee Tea Estate, Glenburn Tea Estate, Makaibari Tea Estate, Singtom Tea Estate, etc.

15. Kurseong: Serene and breathtaking region- 


Bathed in natural allure and tranquility, Kurseong is one of the most exotic destinations in the district of Darjeeling. This tiny quaint town maintains a bizarre blend of colonial air and mixed ethnic ambiance. The en route to Darjeeling has some of the reputed schools from the British era, Heritage bunglows and cottages, gothic churches that add more to the beauty and amazing features of this lovely hill station.

Major attractions:

Eagle Craig, Dow Hill, Dow Hill Forest Museum, Dow Hill Water Reservoir, Giddey View Point, Ambotia Tea Estate, Castleton Tea Estate, Darjeeling Himalaya Railway Museum, etc.

Recommended accommodations for Darjeeling honeymoon tour-

  1. MAYFAIR Darjeeling
  2.  Summit Hermon Hotel and Spa
  3. Little Tibet Resort
  4. Hotel Nirvana
  5. Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort
  6.  Sinclairs Darjeeling
  7. Summit Swiss Heritage Hotel and Spa
  8. Ivanhoe House
  9. Sterling Resorts
  10.  Elgin, Darjeeling

The mentioned above accommodations are some of the best Darjeeling hotels and resorts for a honeymoon. Based on rates and reviews from thousands of travels across the globe, we have picked the best ones that will suit your mood and preferences.

Honeymoon in Darjeeling reviews


The land definitely makes every traveler mesmerized and gets settled out there!! One of the most scenic places in India!!

Gorkhaland you are truly amazing, you make us proud of being a part of India!! The trendiest & colorful region.

People, Passion & Pleasure!!

Will visit back for sure


Beautiful honeymoon: Very beautiful place Darjeeling to be visited and the hotel were well maintained with good management and superb hospitality. A very nice experience I ever had. Staffs are very punctual and honest. Would like to suggest my friends too. Thank you hotel Yuma for making my stay pleasant. Stayed: October 2017, traveled as a couple


Excellent Service! This was a small but very nice hotel. I really enjoyed my stay in this hotel. The Manager Mr. Yadav was completely reliable & he took all the precaution to provide a good service to me & my family. The food in his restaurant was also good. It was nearby to Darjeeling railway station & market area. I will highly recommend this hotel to my friends & I will also like to stay there in future. The rates were also reasonable & I am highly impressed by the supporting attitude of manager & staff. Stayed: March 2010, traveled with family

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